AI Smart Garden Solutions

Cobb Douglas--Help you create a new lifestyle with AI intelligence

Ten years of deep cultivation in the field of intelligent courtyard scenes. Three solutions have been launched for various needs in the scene: courtyard robots, IoT data monitoring software and machine vision image recognition solutions, which can help customers iterate products and achieve intelligent management of courtyards.

Cobb Douglas has a software algorithm team and a hardware team. The team’s algorithm and software technology will empower the Garden field and serve the industrial chain at all stages.

Our Services

We can provide customers with rich experience in product design and technical solutions. Services include design consulting, pre-research and development.

AI Core Function Kits

Provide PCBA modules for robots and key components in related scenarios. Core modules can be combined with customer-owned product enclosures to create products that meet your needs.

AI Softwares

Provide relevant embedded software modules and solutions in the scene. We design custom robotic hardware for our customers and incorporate dedicated software suites.

AI Software Data Backend

Provides IOT server background components. The whole set of server components integrates software systems necessary for equipment management such as big data operation and maintenance platforms, asynchronous processing modules, and core management modules.

10 years of in-depth research and development in the field of intelligence, empowering artificial intelligence for courtyard scenes


We provide solutions including traditional lawn mowers with perimeters, as well as AI smart lawn mowers.


A smart IoT solution with multi-party linkage between cloud, edge and end. Provide detailed product data and maintenance methods.


The AI visual recognition detection technology independently developed by Cobb Douglas is widely used in complex scenes such as courtyards.

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